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Workshop at WWW10

The Second International Workshop on the Semantic Web - SemWeb'2001

Hongkong, May 1, 2001

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Follow-up event SWWS at Stanford, July 30-31, 2001

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Workshop Outline

The "Semantic Web", a term coined by Tim Berners-Lee, is used to denote the next evolution step of the Web. Associating meaning with content or establishing a layer of machine understandable data would allow automated agents, sophisticated search engines and interoperable services, will enable higher degree of automation and more intelligent applications. The ultimate goal of the Semantic Web is to allow machines the sharing and exploitation of knowledge in the Web way, i.e. without central authority, with few basic rules, in a scalable, adaptable, extensible manner. With RDF as the basic platform for the Semantic Web, a multitude of tools, methods and systems have just appeared on the horizon. The goal of the workshop is to share experiences about these systems, exchange ideas about improvements of existing tools and creation of new systems, principles and applications. Also an important goal is to develop a cooperation model among Semantic Web developers, and to develop a common vision about the future developments.



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