Semantic Web Workshop

Call for Papers



Call for Papers

We solicit papers relevant to the general workshop theme.

Relevant workshop topics include (non-exhaustive list):

  • Language and Representation issues
  • Semantic Web infrastructure and architectures
  • Metadata and conceptual models for annotating content, resources, and portals
  • Automatic annotation/tagging/metadata creation and recommendation
  • Tools, systems and methodologies for Semantic Web
  • Application of semantic web technology
  • Migrating information to semantic formats & Information Filtering
  • Trust in the Semantic Web
  • Query languages for the Semantic Web
  • Information correlation, integration, mediation and brokering on the Web
  • Resource discovery
  • Distributed inference services
  • Semantic Web mining

The Workshop gives the attendants the possibility to discuss ideas, problems and visions they have about the technology of the Semantic Web face to face. In particular we expect that people who focus on subsets of Semantic Web issues learn how they can benefit from other people's work or how they can contribute. We hope to start a sense of community awareness that will also help to discuss problems one encounters once the workshop and the conference is finished. Finally, we expect to develop a draft architecture for the Semantic Web, collecting the ideas floating around and presenting them in a coherent manner.

Major objectives of the workshop will be to outline visions for research and industrial practice.

The workshop's targeted audience comprises researches and practitioners in the areas of databases, intelligent informationintegration, knowledge representation, knowledge management, information retrieval, metadata, web standards, digital libraries and others.

Important Dates

Jan-1-2001 Deadline for paper submission
Feb-1-2001 Notification of acceptance
March-25-2001 Deadline final contributions